Daytona Beach Private Investigators

Our Daytona Beach Private Investigators had a busy month assisting clients with a variety of cases. If you need a Private Investigator in Daytona Beach Beach we can help! Text, Call or Email us 24/7 for a Free consultation & Case Plan (904) 372-8975. Remember to ask about our discounts of the month.

  • Completed a lie detector examination to demonstrate that an accused individual was being truthful about what happened.
  • We uncovered new evidence and witnesses as a part of criminal defense investigation which lead to charges being dropped against an accused individual.
  • We Processed a crime scene and uncovered new evidence in the form of surveillance video from a ring camera.
  • We completed a surveillance investigation on an infidelity cases involving a possible cheating spouse case and took photo video evidence of the individuals’ movements.
  • Tracked down defense witnesses and obtained alibi statements for an individual charged with a criminal offense.
  • Completed background investigations to identify the credibility of witnesses.
  • Completed a cyber investigation to uncover hidden dating profiles on hook up sites and apps.

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