Our Volusia County Private Investigator Services

Volusia County Private Investigator Services


Volusia County Private Investigator Services


Volusia County Criminal Defense Investigators
Our Volusia County Private Investigators have the training and experience in Criminal Defense Investigations to help uncover the evidence you need to win. If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime let us help make sure your story is told.
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Volusia County Missing Person Investigators
Nothing can be more stressful than not knowing if your loved one is safe and where they are. As former law enforcement missing person investigators we understand the challenges to these cases. We have the training and experience to help you locate your loved ones.
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Divorce Investigators

Volusia County Divorce Investigators
Our Divorce Investigators understand how emotional and delicate these case can be. Whether its for a divorce case or an infidelity case, all of our divorce investigations are handled with privacy and care. From surveillance to background checks and bank asset searches our Divorce Investigators can help you uncover the evidence you need.
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Volusia County Surveillance Investigators
We have the expertise and high-tech equipment to get you the photo and video evidence you need. All our evidence is obtained using standard evidence collection procedures and is date and time stamped so it can be introduced in court.
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Volusia County Corporate Investigators
If you suspect an employee has violated an acceptable use policy, is stealing from you or need an employment background check we can help. Our Daytona Beach Private Investigators provide a full range of corporate investigations for small and medium sized businesses.
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Cold Case Investigators

Volusia County Cold Case Investigators
We can you help uncover new leads in cases that have gone cold. This includes helping to identify new leads, new evidence and new witnesses.
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Volusia County Cyber Investigators
Due to our background in Digital Forensics we can help you solve even the most complex cyber cases. Our Cyber investigation services include: social media stalking, social media investigations, identify theft, fraud, email hacking, cyber stalking, cyber breaches and dark web investigations.
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SIU Investigators

Volusia County SIU Investigators
Our SIU Investigations include file review and red flag identification. Detailed written and recorded statements, scene investigations, cold calls, locating individuals, canvassing, taking photos and/or video, and other case tasks as needed.
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Volusia County Lie Detector Tests
Professional lie detector tests to determine the truth. Certified CVSA lie detector tests. Our Investigators can administer lie detectors tests to determine if an individual is telling the truth or not.
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Founded in 2013 with trust

A Volusia County Private Investigator Agency

We are a professional investigative and forensic agency that provides  Private Investigator and Digital Forensic Services  in Volusia County.

Volusia County Private Investigator News

Our Volusia County Private Investigators had a busy month helping clients with a variety of cases throughout Volusia & Flagler County. If you need a Private Investigator Services inVolusia County we can help! Text, Call or Email us 24/7 for a Free consultation & Case Plan (386) 742-5335. Remember to ask about our discounts of the month.

  • Completed a lie detector test to demonstrate that an accused individual was being truthful about what happened.
  • We located new evidence and witnesses as a part of criminal defense investigation which lead to charges being dropped against an accused individual.
  • We examined a crime scene and uncovered new evidence in the form of surveillance video from a ring camera.
  • We completed a surveillance investigation on an infidelity cases involving a possible cheating spouse case and took photo video evidence of the individuals’ movements.
  • Tracked down defense witnesses and obtained alibi statements for an individual charged with a criminal offense.
  • Completed background investigations to identify the credibility of witnesses.
  • Completed a cyber investigation to uncover hidden dating profiles on hook up sites and apps.

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