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Daytona Beach Computer Forensics
Computer Forensic Analysis on Desktops, Laptops, Extern Hard Disk Drives, SSD Drives, Flash Drives and more. We are Your Computer Forensic Experts.
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Daytona Beach Cell Phone Forensics
Cellebrite Certified Forensic Examiners, Full File System, Logical Extractions and Analysis. We are Your Cellebrite Cell Phone Forensic Investigators.
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Daytona Beach Cyber Breach Investigators
We offer full scope Cyber Breach Investigations. From root cause analysis to threat mitigation and recovery. We are Your Cyber Beach Investigators.
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Daytona Beach Cell Phone Forensics
Cell Phone and Mobile Device Forensics using Cellebrite software. We can analyze and recover deleted data from all major smartphones. We are Your Cell Phone Forensic Experts.
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Daytona Beach Network Forensics
Full packet inspection and analysis, from both live network data and pcap files, We can identify threats and information from network data. We are Your Network Forensic Investigators.
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Daytona Beach Email Forensics
We can document, recover and analyze emails, including metadata from all major providers. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Mbox and more. We are Your Email Forensic Investigators.
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Daytona Beach Cyber Forensic Investigators
Due to our background in Digital Forensics we can help you solve even the most complex cyber cases. Our Cyber investigation services include: social media stalking, social media investigations, identify theft, fraud, email hacking, cyber stalking, cyber breaches and dark web investigations.
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Daytona Beach Social Media Forensics
We use state of the art forensic tools to properly acquire and document data from over 200 Social Media Platforms. We are Your Social Media Forensic Investigators.
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Cell Tower Mapping

Daytona Beach Cell Tower Mapping
We use state of the art forensic tools to accurately map cell tower locations from all major providers. We also conduct analytics and analysis of call detail records. We are Your Cell Tower Experts.
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Founded in 2013 with trust

A Daytona Beach Private Investigator Agency

We are a professional investigative and forensic agency that provides  Private Investigator and Digital Forensic Services  in Daytona Beach, and Volusia & Flagler County.


Our Daytona Beach Digital Forensics News

  • Analyzed an Apple iPhone to extract and map location data to show an accused person was not in the area during the timeframe they were accused of a felony offense.
  • Analyzed a Samsung Phone to recover deleted pictures and texts for an infidelity investigation. 
  • Analyzed an Apple iPhone to locate chat messages as part of a criminal defense investigation. 
  • Analyzed and mapped ATT&T call detail records and cell towers for the public defenders office to show a person was not in a crime when it occurred. 
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