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With 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, it’s not surprising that social media networks can be a rich source of information for investigators. Whether it’s in a criminal case, corporate investigation, or you just want to know what someone is doing on Social Media. There is no limit to the amount of information that can be collected from Social Media sites. Because Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email, social media information and evidence is plentiful. You just need to know how to get it.

Finding, preserving and collecting social media evidence often requires some forensic skills, as well as an understanding of the laws that govern its collection and use. It’s important for investigators to be aware of both the possibilities and limitations of social media forensics. We are certified forensic experts who have significant experience safely documenting and collecting data from social media websites. 

Services Includes:

  • Researching Social Media and Internet profiles
  • Forensically capturing data posted to profiles.
  • Analyzing the data that we collect
  • Providing a detailed report of findings
  • Free case review and consultations
  • We use Cellebrite UFED Cloud Analyzer for Social Media Forensics. This tool has been vetted in court and allows you to introduce  the evidence we find. 

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 "I used Casey Gallagher with Daytona Investigator to do some cell phone  and social media forensics. He was very professional and was able to get  me the data I needed. Would use him again if I ever needed it"' Jessi H.

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