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A private detective, an investigative agent or private investigator, is somebody who is able to hire people, teams or NGOs to undertake investigative activities. Private detectives may work for lawyers in criminal and civil matters. Some private detectives are specialized in corporate and financial crime as well. Others specialise in intellectual property theft and internet frauds.

private detectives

Private detectives usually carry out surveillance to catch criminals. The surveillance takes place either secretly or openly. It can involve operation inside a person’s home, business or establishment or at an office, building or location frequented by the suspect. For example, if you suspect that there is drug use going on at your place of business, you can hire a detective agency to conduct surveillance. They will carry out a thorough search of the place and report back to you or the police if necessary.

There are two types of surveillance that private investigators must engage in. The first is gaining investigative evidence to use in court cases and the second is gathering intelligence to protect ourselves and others. To be able to gather evidence in a legal manner, private detectives must have the consent of a client. In some countries, you may need the permission of a third party before carrying out an investigation. Many private investigators must also get the consent of a subject in order to video tape them without their knowledge or consent.

Private detectives may specialize in one area of investigation or several different areas. For instance, some specialize in financial crimes such as embezzlement or money laundering. They may also specialize in organised crime such as organised drug manufacture and trafficking.

Private detectives can either perform “stage” surveillance, where they observe someone and take pictures and notes beforehand, or “cell phone spy” surveillance, where they use cell phones to do the same thing but take their evidence only when there is a legal warrant. Stage surveillance is easier to do and can sometimes be done secretly. Cell phone spy surveillance, however, must be conducted in a public place and the evidence gathered from hidden locations is not private, even if the phones are in another country. Private detectives specialise in gathering information from phones in a variety of ways.

Private investigators typically obtain witness information through a third party source, such as a lawyer or accountant. They may also work directly for law firms and corporate bodies by obtaining documents and interviewing people directly. Often, computer forensic investigators specialize in accessing lost data and electronic documents for business purposes. Sometimes they access private consumer information through credit card fraud.

Sometimes private detectives conduct interviews using methods such as computer searches. They may interview the subjects, follow them online, and search for online profiles and records. This method has many advantages, but can pose certain problems such as identity theft if the investigator does not follow proper procedures. Sometimes the most reliable sources of information are people that are not well-known, such as ex-spouses and former co-workers.

Private detectives provide essential services to individuals and businesses. Some of the services that they offer include performing surveillance and interview techniques, performing background checks, and locating lost individuals. If you have reason to believe that a missing person is not being truthful, a private investigator could prove valuable in solving your case.

Private detectives often specialize in one area. For example, detectives may specialize in child abuse, gang activity, or business investigation. In many instances, a private detective will only investigate a specific aspect of a case and will then leave the investigation up to an experienced investigator to complete. An experienced investigator will conduct meticulous research and often use state of the art equipment to assure a thorough investigation.

Private detectives in Georgia are able to assist with a variety of different types of investigations, including investigation into criminal activity and history, surveillance, background investigations, missing persons, corporate frauds, intellectual property theft, professional misconduct and employee issues. A Georgia private detective service is responsible for providing high-quality investigative services to its clients. They utilize state of the art surveillance equipment, conduct thorough research, and interview witnesses for their clients. They take extra effort to ensure the confidentiality of all information provided to them and follow all of the necessary procedures and laws. Private detectives will not mislead their clients or fail to obtain necessary evidence in order to assist them with their investigation.

A private detective in Georgia can be reached by phone, email, or in person at the offices. Most investigators specialize in a specific area of law enforcement. Therefore, if you were interested in hiring an investigator to perform surveillance, they would probably be able to help you. If you were interested in investigating the status of a missing loved one, you would probably want to work with an investigator who specializes in missing persons cases. Regardless of the reason, most investigators typically have a combination of knowledge of various areas of law enforcement, experience in conducting surveillance, and access to specialized equipment that is used to gather evidence and provide testimony in court.