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Surveillance Investigators

The Job of a Surveillance Investigator

When people think of Surveillance Investigators, they often conjure up images of dirty men following their targets. This is far from the truth. Surveillance Investigators do not have to be bad-looking or wearing a mask. Their job does not require them to be a super athlete or a giant with strength ten-storey boots. As a matter of fact, many surveillance investigators simply want a job! There are certain essential skills however, which most surveillance investigators possess in order to achieve their various investigative responsibilities.

When it come to the top skills needed to become a successful surveillance investigators, frequently found that many applications listed above listed included observation skills, investigative services and good communication skills. These are the very skills that make up private investigation. The term ‘private investigation’ itself actually gives away the true nature of the profession. Private investigators specialise in uncovering hidden information about people, businesses and organizations and then use that information to carry out their respective duties.

There are two main types of surveillance: covert surveillance and visible surveillance. Covert surveillance refers to activities which take place without the knowledge of the subject or legal authorities. This is the kind of surveillance which is used by many ordinary citizens for normal everyday activities. For instance, most of us flip through the local phone book and lookup for businesses without really paying attention to any businesses’ names which we see listed in a phone number lookup. This is the best type of surveillance investigators can perform on the fly without the permission of others.

On the other hand, visibility is different from covert surveillance in that it refers to operations which are conducted openly and/or with the knowledge and agreement of other parties involved. Most visible investigations take place through the employment of mobile surveillance detectives who operate outside of the law and surveillance investigators who can only monitor activities within the jurisdiction of their employers. In most jurisdictions, surveillance investigators are engaged only upon consent of employer because the invasion of privacy can lead to serious disciplinary actions.

While the investigation itself can be conducted in a covert manner with a third party present, many investigations cannot. Therefore, the primary duty of a Surveillance Investigator is to ensure that the investigation is carried out in an ethical and appropriate manner. In fact, the primary reason why an investigator carries out covert investigations is so that he/she can report suspect activities to law enforcement authorities. However, mobile surveillance investigators may also conduct investigations where they believe there is valid suspicion but cannot yet prove it.

Generally, this type of surveillance investigation is carried out by corporate security and investigative companies that utilise state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and highly skilled surveillance investigators. These companies will usually own a fleet of trucks and vehicles equipped with the latest in digital video recording and image capturing equipment. The primary purpose of using these trucks is to transport evidence wherever it is necessary. Some investigation companies also use hidden video cameras so that the activity can be monitored from a different location. Many investigative companies use a team of highly trained secret agents to carry out discreet secret operations.

Once the project has been initiated, the investigator will typically make initial contact with the client to gather information and conduct surveillance. From this point onwards, investigative and secret agents often travel to the location to carry out the actual investigation. If this is the case, mobile video surveillance investigators will generally take the vehicles to a remote location where they can conduct their surveillance.

Mobile video surveillance and hidden video camera systems are extremely effective and it has proven to be the preferred method of investigation for many years. However, not all undercover private investigators operate in this same manner. Some specialise in carrying out discreet video surveillance on people for their own private purposes. These investigators operate in an anonymous manner and it is sometimes very difficult to identify them. However, you should always remember that if you suspect your partner of any wrong doing then you should make sure that you have proof of their guilt. This can only be achieved if you have evidence, and that is what many covert surveillance investigators for hire are there to provide.