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Criminal defense investigators help the prosecution by uncovering all the facts necessary to present a solid criminal case against their suspect. Criminal defense attorneys are private detectives who work solely for criminal defense lawyers. The role of the criminal defense detective is to uncover the facts that your lawyer needs to present in a strong defense. This includes locating witnesses; finding essential and complex information that is not readily available to your lawyer; and using techniques and methods of surveillance that are beyond your lawyer’s knowledge and ability to spy on. These methods include tailing and following a suspect, secret service methods and illegal surveillance methods.

Criminal Defense Investigators

Hiring criminal defense investigators to gather evidence is not uncommon. Federal, state and even local law enforcement officers conduct undercover stings and sting operations. In many of these stings, undercover agents are instructed to follow the target of the investigation and obtain proof against them without informing the target of their presence. Because this may allow the criminal defense attorneys to use the evidence against their client, the undercover agents are often willing to share evidence with their lawyers.

There are two main types of criminal defense investigators. There are police detectives who are sworn to secrecy and must remain quiet and pursue the relevant information only. They may use deception or illegal methods to obtain the relevant information. Other investigators are sworn to uphold the law and must reveal any activity they discover. Whichever method of investigators you choose, you must be careful to avoid compromising yourself, your lawyer or the integrity of the case.

It is important to obtain all the necessary reports from law enforcement investigations. You will want to know about any victims, property Damage, crimes committed and suspects. You will need to obtain all this information within a short period of time. If you are being questioned regarding the events of the day you may have very limited time to research the data you need. Your criminal defense investigators will provide you with all this information and assist you in making decisions based on their investigation.

It is important that criminal defense investigators speak with any victims, witnesses or suspects that become an important part of the case. In fact, they should speak with any law enforcement personnel that may become a key witness. Remember, if a crime is solved and there is no evidence tying the suspect to the crime, law enforcement personnel may never find the person. Many times they will eventually die, get a divorce or even change their name. Your investigator needs to keep in mind that any and all communication with law enforcement personnel is kept confidential.

Your criminal defense investigators must also make contact with any witnesses or crime scene investigators. Often it takes time to thoroughly interview individuals and obtain all the relevant information. Without a good investigator the case may never be solved.

Investigators speak to any witnesses or law enforcement personnel that become a critical factor in your case. Often times they meet with criminal defense attorneys as well as other officials. Interviewing individuals is not always free nor can you conduct this interview by yourself. Attorneys often use certain professionals or agencies that are able to expedite the interviewing process. It is important for your investigator to use his or her best judgment in these situations. They must use their professional judgment to decide whether or not certain witnesses or investigative tools could jeopardize the integrity of their case.

Criminal defense investigators may utilize video equipment and/or a surveillance camera to aid their investigation. Some jurisdictions require that investigation techniques be as close as possible to the scene of the incident. This is very helpful in obtaining physical evidence that will be needed at trial. Again, your investigator must exercise their best judgment in deciding where and how they will investigate a case; however, most good investigators agree that cooperation from the defense attorneys is often a large factor in cases that are settled before trial.