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Criminal defense investigators play an important role in a successful criminal defense case. The right investigator can help a defense lawyer establish reasonable doubt, and make an effective acquittal on the defendant. When an experienced attorney is able to outsource the legwork to an unbiased and reliable investigator, and is able to focus on building and arranging a strong case, the chances of doing right by the defendant and obtaining the best outcome are greatly increased.

When interviewing witnesses, it’s important for criminal defense investigators to remain professional and unassuming. They should conduct themselves in a manner that will project confidence and ease-of-imagination. Since they are often interviewing multiple suspects, it’s important to remember to keep your demeanor composed and professional while conducting your investigation. Remember to stay focused on the task at hand – not your interviewees’ feelings about you! If a suspect tells you during an interview that he/she is not sure if they could be convinced that you are innocent, that is a good time to mention that you are not under any obligation to convince the individual.

Many times, criminal defense investigators receive evidence without actually performing any investigation of the scene. If you do receive any such evidence, be sure to document each piece of evidence. Keep track of every person and thing that you come across when investigating a crime. If an investigator never appears at a scene of the crime, it is highly likely that you will receive no evidence at all, or may only find insignificant pieces of information that are not relevant to your defense. Document everything that you come across, even small details, as this can be crucial in court.

Another key component to successful investigations is interviewing witnesses. It is important to be cordial to all potential witnesses, even if they give contradictory statements. You are allowed to disagree with any witness’s account of a crime scene, so long as you provide a logical explanation for their discrepancy. Be careful when contradicting a witness. If a crime scene investigator contradicts multiple witnesses during an investigation, it is important for you to supply their own version of events.

As a crime victim, it is imperative to have a strong criminal defense attorney present during your case. Your attorney will ensure that you remain represented during all stages of the litigation process. A crime investigator may suggest interviewing potential witnesses, but it is up to your attorney to make sure no criminal defense investigators interview any witnesses without your permission. It is also your attorney’s responsibility to inform any potential suspect that they are being investigated. This should always be done in a polite, respectful manner.

Often, criminal defense investigators and prosecution attorneys collaborate. In some cases, criminal defense attorneys coordinate their efforts with prosecutors to gather information to use in court. Sometimes this cooperation leads to other advantages. For example, many prosecutors agree to avoid the use of excessive force or aggressive tactics.

There are also benefits to using private investigators over traditional law enforcement investigators. Private investigators typically work on contingency fees, which means that the criminal defense investigators receive no money unless their client wins their case and the case goes to trial. Many private investigators offer a free initial consultation and then charge a per hour rate for their services.

Many private investigators specialize in different areas of the law. Some work for the prosecution, while others work on cases exclusively for the defense. Regardless of whether you choose to hire a private investigator to conduct criminal defense investigations, be sure to check credentials, and be sure that the investigator has experience working with your particular jurisdiction. Never hire a stranger to work on a legal case. If you are ever in doubt about the quality of the investigation that private investigators are conducting, hire a reputable and reliable firm.