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Learning how to process a crime scene has become more popular as crime scene cleanup and restoration has become an industry in itself. Crime scene cleanup is the act of cleaning up a site after a deadly, non-fatal accident or event. It also involves the removal of materials that were used at the scene of the crime or death. Permits are required for crime scene processing, so it’s important to understand what each step in the process entails.

how to process a crime scene

Crime scene cleanup companies generally provide everything from environmentally safe waste management to blood sponges. These companies will also work with law enforcement officials to conduct an investigation. They may even be called in to assess damage. After a fatal accident or death, a crime scene cleaner must act quickly. They must collect evidence, manage waste and transport it to the cleanup location.

As a scene cleaner, you’ll be responsible for gathering evidence, restoring the site to its original state, collecting evidence, transporting it to the cleanup location and taking care of any cleanup issues that come up. This can be a very daunting task. Learning how to process a crime scene begins with understanding how it happens. You’ll need to know what to look for, how to collect evidence, how to restore the site to its original cleanliness and how to transport it to the crime scene cleanup company.

How to process a crime scene that involves blood, as well as body fluids, remains or pet hair will vary depending on the type of incident and the location of the incident. The presence of blood, especially blood borne pathogen, could mean different things to different people. It could mean the presence of blood in the scene of a suicide or homicide, or blood in the presence of another odor, such as alcohol.

The first step to processing a crime scene is to gather evidence and dispose of it properly. Blood spills, particularly those that are fresh and not yet saturated with blood, should be covered up with plastic sheeting as soon as they occur. As far as the odor is concerned, you will need to neutralize the smell with air fresheners, baking soda, Lysol or other chemical neutralizers, and more. Remember to wear gloves, goggles, protective clothing, and breathe fresh air mask or respirator if the scene of death or injury requires it. Also, it is important to wear rubber gloves when moving the blood or recycling blood to the cleanup location. If the blood spills are large, like that of a head trauma or a dog bite, then a blood pressure cuffs and eye washer may be needed.

After the initial crime scene cleanup has been completed and the area has dried, you may decide to have professionals handle the rest of the investigation. A private detective may be needed, or you may need a private investigator. The investigation team should consist of members with experience in the field. Hiring an experienced company or individual with local contacts for instance, can be advantageous, especially if you need the service on a regular basis. Hiring a private detective can be expensive and not all criminals are willing to share their information for fear of being caught.

A professional company handling processing a crime scene will be thorough and methodical in their investigation. They will document everything carefully and accurately as much as they possibly can. They will collect as many photographs as possible, including digital ones. There should be plenty of photographs and video taken at the scene. Anything that can be used as evidence should be documented and inventoried. If the processing is being handled by one company, several employees should be on the scene at the same time.

The information provided by a professional company handling processing a crime scene can be invaluable. There are many things to consider and think about before having a professional company investigate your scene. However, if you are considering hiring one, it is worth the extra investment because the results that you will get back from them will be worth the money. They may even be able to catch a suspect red handed. The best way to learn how to process a crime scene is to hire a professional.