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Criminal Defense Investigators

Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Investigators to Assist Your Team

Criminal Defense Investigators is professional investigators who collect evidence and facts for the defense in any criminal case. While the prosecution often has several investigators (e.g., detectives, police officers, and trial lawyers) on staff, many defendants skip hiring any investigator at all. Why? It’s simple: Many people don’t trust private investigators. After all, these people work for the government, which many people think is a crooked entity at best and potentially criminal at worst. People are afraid that an investigation into their activities will be used to incriminate them; that somehow they’ll be found guilty of something they didn’t do, no matter what.

Too many times, innocent people find themselves standing before a judge or jury and having to defend themselves against extremely serious charges. Without a thorough investigation by a competent expert investigator, the criminal defense attorneys face a very difficult scenario: They have their client on the stand, trying to prove their innocence, while the government prosecutor prepares their closing arguments and prepares to call their witness. Will their client be able to produce any evidence whatsoever to prove their innocence? It’s unlikely.

Then there are the prosecutors. Without any criminal defense investigators present in the case, it would be very difficult for them to build a strong case against their opponent. With no evidence against their client, their only option may be to drop the charges. This would result in the loss of their case and a wasted opportunity for a good defense. This outcome may seem unavoidable to some legal professionals. Yet the consequences of having a weak legal team and a weak case are just as bad: The defendant may go to prison, their liberty and freedom are lost, and their legal team may lack the funding needed to adequately fight their case.

This is why it’s critical to hire experienced, committed criminal defense investigators who can bring a difficult and complex case to a successful conclusion. Luckily, this is entirely possible. Instead of hiring an investigator through the court system, many legal professionals are opting to hire a private investigator through an agency that specializes in providing this type of specialized legal support. Known as a Component Method, an expert component method outfit can present the best resources and information to any attorney representing a client facing significant legal issues.

Component attorneys are most often retained by criminal defense attorneys who find themselves confronted with defending a client charged with violent conduct, arson, assault, drug manufacturing or distribution, or another crime. Although the majority of Component attorneys work with defendants in these same areas, some do so with other lawyers who are handling different cases involving similar issues. In these cases, the investigators help the attorneys build strong legal teams which can successfully mount a strong defense. By combining the best case law with the best resources available, Component attorneys can provide their clients with the best possible outcome.

The importance of a skilled and dedicated criminal defense investigators should never be underestimated. After all, a skilled investigator not only understands the subtleties involved in interviewing witnesses and collecting crucial evidence, but also the ins and outs of many legal processes. From witness interviews to discovery, from grand jury proceedings to plea negotiations, every step is interwoven with the process of defending a client. This is why it’s imperative to carefully vet any prospective private investigators that may be assisting your legal team. Ask around among trusted friends and relatives for recommendations and make sure to research the background of any potential private investigators before taking them on as part of your investigative team.

A major reason why it’s imperative to select an experienced and competent investigator for your case is due to the fact that they will have access to a wealth of information. When selecting criminal defense investigators, make sure to select individuals who have access to specialized information such as computer forensics and digital forensics. Additionally, they must be able to use a large variety of computer programs including programs that track emails, web sites visited, online chats, web sites user names and passwords, and instant messaging logs. While all of these are important tools to any investigating professional, it is the specialized information that they possess that can mean the difference between a successful prosecution and a justifiable outcome in a case. Never compromise your defense in favor of saving money or time by hiring a person with little experience who may provide inaccurate information or faulty surveillance.

In addition, criminal defense investigators need to understand how critical, certain witness interviews and discovery are to a case. It’s not uncommon for experts to interview key witnesses in the case, providing valuable testimony that could potentially rule a case in favor of the defendant. Never consider using a non-custodial investigative service, such as a jail cell phone forensic investigation company, without first learning whether they have extensive experience in obtaining important evidence and interviewing witnesses who might provide crucial information about a case. Always hire a company that employs state of the art technology and highly trained staff so you receive the most useful information possible from your witnesses and investigators.