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The Daytona Beach Police Department and the FBI have teamed up to create the National Cell Phone Forensics Training Program. The program will help train law enforcement officials in all over the country how to properly perform digital forensics examinations on mobile phones. In this way, law enforcement officials will be better equipped to handle any digital communication issue that comes their way. The program will also serve as an effective tool for investigating crimes such as: missing persons, pedophiles, terrorists, corporate frauds, insurance frauds, and many others.

Daytona Beach Cell Phone Forensics

Digital forensics experts are able to analyze data from cell phones in a legal, ethical, and sophisticated manner. These experts can access deleted text messages, text Messages, emails, photos, videos, voice, and video recordings. The digital forensics experts are also capable of extracting vital information such as telephone numbers, address, service status, location map, carrier, date and time of call. Once the expert obtains these data, they can either present them to the concerned authority or use them for their own investigative purposes. They can even recover deleted SMS and MMS messages. There are certain disadvantages that come with the program.

Because mobile phones have different storage media, it takes a skilled professional with more than one procedure to successfully recover information. It is impossible for an amateur to successfully retrieve important data especially if he doesn’t have the right equipment. For example, if an amateur just wants to get in touch with his girlfriend, he will not use a digital recovery device to get the information. On the other hand, a professional forensic investigator needs to have special data retrieval equipment to effectively analyze a phone’s digital media.

So, you think you don’t have what it takes to become a digital forensics specialist? The fact is that there are plenty of schools and programs that offer training. However, it will be useless unless you know how to utilize it. There are tons of courses online and offline but you have to pay for these classes. This is why you need to spend enough time and effort finding out what the best schools and programs are offering. Otherwise, your investment might just be in vain.

You can begin your hunt by going online. You can even find out which courses are being offered at local Daytona Beach Schools. But you need to make sure that the quality of the course is good enough to pass the state or national exams. Some of the courses are even offered by universities or colleges.

Apart from online courses, you can take a digital phone recovery class in which you will basically learn how to recover deleted SMS, MMS and email messages from a cell phone. This is one way of obtaining employment as a forensic cell phone investigator or a criminal investigator. But you should realize that getting employment in this line of work is not easy. It is because you will be competing with other investigators who have the same skill and knowledge as you.

If you are serious about becoming a private investigator or digital investigator, then the best thing to do is to earn a degree in cellular technology. This will provide you an edge over other potential candidates, since you already have an in-depth understanding of how digital phones work. Moreover, you will be able to perform a more effective investigation on cellular phones since you can access them from any location. You will also know how to extract information out of passwords and resetting security features on cellular phones.

It is important that you enroll in a school that can provide you with the right courses needed for a career in this line of work. The cost of a degree course in forensic technologies can be very high, especially if it is an accredited school. So you need to shop around so that you will be able to find the best deal for your needs. Look for the courses that offer hands-on experience in handling real-life situations such as recover deleted SMS and digital phone records, among others.