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Surveillance Investigators

Why Is Surveillance Investigators Helpful in Solving Private Investigation Cases?

Working as an undercover surveillance investigator, often referred to in this field as “stage detective”, often involves serving many different clients. Surveillance investigators either work for private employers or state police departments. Working directly with the police department or investigative services units, surveillance investigators operate under the watchful eye of their supervisors to gather evidence for investigations and to draw reasonable conclusions from their findings. This job entails collecting information on subjects of interest, reporting their findings to the concerned authorities, and taking photographs and video footage of subjects. It can also involve tracking down people suspected of committing a crime by tracking their cell phone activity.

These days, surveillance investigators are becoming more visible in our society. More businesses, organizations and individuals are calling upon these professionals to do certain types of investigations. Surveillance investigations are becoming more common especially in the field of missing children and terrorism. This job is becoming increasingly important because of its high stakes, legal aspects and the delicacy of the task.

Surveillance has changed in recent years due to new technologies that make it possible for someone to spy on other individuals in an overt manner. Video cameras and video recording devices have made it possible for parents to keep tabs on their children who go out of their homes for long periods of time. Those conducting investigations can also use cell phones to spy on conversations that occur on the cell phone. These new electronic surveillance tools allow surveillance investigators to collect valuable evidence and turn it into the difficult task of a court case.

One of the most popular surveillance investigations is that of child abuse. The sad fact is that thousands of children are abused each year in the United States. Many of these cases are covered up and the alleged abuser receives leniency because he or she is a good child. Often, the alleged perpetrator knows the truth but wishes to protect the offender’s reputation and the innocent victim. The good investigator knows that protecting the truth is more important than preserving the alleged offender’s good name.

Surveillance investigations require agents from both the law enforcement and judicial branches. In some new York cases, surveillance investigators must work under the close supervision of state police officers. In other cases, federal agents are used because federal laws are more strict in the area of electronic surveillance.

Surveillance investigation is no longer the sleepy, dull task of a few investigators sitting in an office all day. In today’s world, surveillance investigators must use their knowledge, experience and skill to get results. One of the first steps in an investigation is to find out what the subjects have done or are doing. A thorough examination of the place of occurrence is a necessary part of the investigation process. If you can find out where the activity is taking place, you have a better chance of finding solid proof of the suspicions.

The primary role of the surveillance investigator is to interview witnesses. Many private investigations start out by asking neighbors, previous employers, family members, friends, etc. If you do not know anyone personally, you may consider hiring a private investigator who is associated with at least one group of people that you know and trust. When you hire a surveillance investigator to do your private investigation, you will be able to get solid proof of any suspicions. You can then proceed to file a police report, call in an attorney, make court appearances, or take any other action that you feel appropriate.

Some of the best surveillance investigators are those who have a background in sports and law enforcement. Aspiring sports agents or former cops with an anti-sniffer gene can sniff out bad guys with ease. With video equipment, a sports agent can tell if there is drug use or anything else amiss. A former cop with an anti-burglary gene might be able to catch his cheating boyfriend red handed using hidden cameras. Regardless of your reason for hiring a private investigator, you will certainly benefit from the investigative service.