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Surveillance Investigators are professionals that investigate crimes, determine if crimes have been committed, and gather evidence to support legal proceedings. They are often referred to as “crimes investigators” or “crime scene investigators”. Their job may include surveillance, physically collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and conducting laboratory tests. Surveillance Investigators must possess a high degree of investigative skill, knowledge of the laws surrounding the area in which they serve, communication skills, and physical ability. Many private investigators begin their careers as assistants to police officers assigned to certain specialized units such as narcotic or detective units. There are several different types of surveillance investigations; however, the most commonly employed is the Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) investigation.

Surveillance Investigators

The term “stationary” describes any type of equipment that is not moveable. Stationary surveillance investigators use a great variety of equipment including GPS systems, video cameras, radar systems and cell phone monitoring. There are also a great many different kinds of surveillance agents, which include: remote monitoring technicians, surveillance managers, surveillance supervisors, and surveillance consultants. Some surveillance investigators specialize in particular areas such as: public protection, corporate security, emergency services support, criminal intelligence, and domestic terrorism.

The majority of surveillance investigators perform their work at the request of law enforcement agencies. Most investigative personnel work for the government; however, there are also many independent investigators who regularly serve private individuals. Regardless of where they work, most investigators require a high level of confidentiality in order to effectively conduct their duties. This is to avoid the release of classified information which may damage a case. Many private investigators rely on a written agreement with their client, which outlines the specific investigations that will be performed and the boundaries that need to be observed.

Although it is the responsibility of private investigators to gather evidence to support legal proceedings, they are not allowed to use illegal methods in their investigations. Many times, private investigators utilize a combination of records research and surveillance to solve legal problems. One common problem that is solved by surveillance investigators is the recovery of missing children.

Another commonly used technique for private investigators is to follow a subject around, or observe him while he is committing a crime. In this way, the investigator is able to learn details about the suspect that he would not be able to learn without his expertise. Many private investigators specialize in the detection and apprehension of child predators. Their expertise includes the ability to track down missing children, or pursue perpetrators through a series of investigations.

Private investigation can range from a simple investigation to a very detailed and sophisticated operation. Depending upon the needs of the client, a surveillance investigator may have the authority to conduct surveillance on a day to day basis, or on an ongoing basis. Often times, surveillance investigators carry a video camera, or some type of recording device, with them at all times when conducting an investigation. This type of video recording device allows the investigator to observe the suspect and his behavior at a later time. Some investigators have the authority to use a particular surveillance tool, such as a GPS tracking system.

The services of New York private investigators can be required in a variety of circumstances. For example, detectives may be required to interview witnesses and potential suspects, or investigate the scene of a natural disaster. In addition, surveillance investigators are often needed to monitor traffic at major highways, and guard against “spousal abuse”.

Regardless of the specific requirements, surveillance investigators possess the necessary knowledge, training, and equipment necessary to conduct discreet investigations. The tools and techniques that surveillance investigators use are designed to catch criminals in the act, or to prevent crimes from being committed. Surveillance investigators can also use their knowledge to monitor the activities of employees and tenants in a business.