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Our Daytona Beach Private Investigators had a busy month assisting clients with a variety of cases in Volusia & Flagler County. If you need a Private Investigator in Daytona Beach we can help! Text, Call or Email us 24/7 for a Free consultation at (386) 361-3728.

1.  We met with a defense attorney and his client to help formulate a defense theory based on the facts of the case. (Daytona Beach Private Investigators Criminal Defense Services).

2.   We Processed a crime scene and uncovered new evidence (Daytona Beach Criminal Defense).

3.We completed a surveillance investigation on a cheating spouse case and took photo video evidence of the individuals’ movements. (Daytona Beach Surveillance Investigators).

4. Interviewed defense witnesses and obtained alibi statements for an individual charged with a criminal offense. (Daytona Beach Criminal Defense).

5. Completed background investigations to identify the credibility of witnesses.  (#DaytonaBeachBackgroundChecks).

6.  Completed a lie detector examination to determine if an individual was being truthful. (Daytona Beach Lie Detector Tests)

  Our Digital Forensic Experts in Daytona Beach also had a busy month examining digital evidence and helping clients resolve a variety of different cases. If you need a Digital Forensic Investigator in Daytona Beach we can help! Text, call or email us 24/7 for a free consultation (386) 361-3728.

  1. Analyzed an Apple iPhone to extract and create a map of the phones location to show an individual was not in the area during the timeframe they were accused of a crime (#DaytonaBeachCellPhoneForensics).
  2. Analyzed a Samsung Cell Phone to recover deleted pictures and texts as part of a cheating spouse investigation. (#CellPhoneForensicsinDaytonaBeach).
  3. Analyzed an Apple iPhone to identify chat messages as part of a criminal defense investigation. (Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Services).
  4. Analyzed and mapped Metro PCS call detail records and cell towers to show a person was not near the scene of a crime when it occurred.
  5. (#DaytonaBeachCellPhoneForensic&Cell Tower Mapping).

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